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Okay, it's time for a little word study. Missiology is a word that has been transliterated to English from the French word missiologie.  It's derived from the Latin word missio referring to missio dei, the mission of God, and the Greek word logos, referring to the logos anthropou, the nature of humankind.  So a missiologist is engaged is the studying the intersection of missiology, theology, anthropology, theology and culture. As a budding missiologist, I seek to engage in bilingual theological reflection - which is the task of understanding the grammar of the dominant culture, as well as the grammar of God - so that I can help communities of faith better embody the good news in the context we find ourselves. A missiologist understands what is called Newbigin's triangle, the church between the gospel and culture.


As a church planter and church coach, I want to help cultivate neighborhood churches that embody the good news in ways that are faithful to God, genuine to our context, and that proclaim the good news by our way of life. Churches which are a sign, foretaste and instrument of God's kingdom. My book Creating a Missional Culture (IVP 2012) would be a great place to learn more about missiology and God's mission.