333 JR Woodward

A catalyst is essentially a "change agent," - and in my vocation - a person who takes up the task of thinking deeply about how to embody the good news in ways that are faithful to God and genuine to our changing context.   As Philip Kenneson says in his rich book Life on the Vine, "Every generation in every culture must take up the hard work of discerning the opportunties for and obstacles to embodying the gospel faithfully in that place and time."  As a catalyst who is engaging this exercise in pratical ways, I'm a part of some fresh approaches to church planting and post-denominational networks.

In my paper Equippers as Environmentalists, I talk about the need for leaders to learn to navigate the major shifts that are taking place in our culture: the media shift from print and broadcast to the digital age; the philosophical shift from modernity to postmodernity; the science shift from classic science to new systems science; the spatiality shift from rural living to urban living; and the religious shift from Christendom to the Post-Christendom era. Check out the paper and be an agent of change in your neighborhood.