333 JR Woodward

I haven't written any great poems or novels, painted any beautiful pictures, wrote any meaningful songs or made any films as of yet.  I'm probably more of an art lover than an artist. I have done some creative speaking, and I dabble in photography to the point that some consider me artistic. I'm really seeking to recover the lost artist inside of me, because I believe that each of us is an artist in some way.  Being creative is part of what it means to be made in the image of God.  To express ourselves in art is to experience more fully the riches of being human.

Eric McLuhan has said, "Serious artists are the antennae of the human race."  Some of my favorite expressions of art include film, music, literature, photography, dance, theater, visual and design graphics, architecture and urban design.  Because of my love for art, my friend Daichi Kimera and I started Artist at the Fountain, which you can learn about from a link on this page.  You can also check out some of my photography as well as some resources for the art enthusiast. If you would like to see more of my pictures, visit my flickr site as well.